About the survey


In May 2016, Generation180 commissioned a nationwide survey designed to explore attitudes about energy and energy sources, with a focus on perceptions of solar and wind energy and opinions about electric vehicles. The questionnaire was developed collaboratively over the course of several months alongside academics at the University of Virginia, and was conducted online from May 5 to May 9, 2016, using a sample and platform provided by the national polling firm, Morning Consult. The survey is based on a sample of 964 registered voters, weighted to produce a representative national sample (the unweighted sample size is 974).

The survey’s purpose was to test the hypothesis that a disparity exists between the realities of clean energy technology and the public’s perception of them.

Below are the key findings from the survey as they relate to Generation180’s mission.


Key Findings


1. Two-thirds of the public think solar is too expensive (but 75% want to make changes to lower their energy bills).



2. Despite the relatively recent availability of affordable electric cars, one third of the public already describe themselves as “interested in owning” one.




3. Only 14% strongly agree with the statement “Society is moving away from fossil fuels”.