The Electrify Your Ride campaign exists to increase access to and availability of better and smarter technology, create cleaner air for our children, and accelerate the arrival of a 100% clean energy future. We host educational events, partner with regional and national influencers, and tap local owners to become EV ambassadors within their own communities. Whether you’re just learning about EVs or you’re looking to help spread the word, you can find a way to plug in below.

Virginia Drives Electric 2020 Report

Key Findings

Virginia Drives Electric 2020 Report

The Virginia Drives Electric report provides a “State of the State” of electric vehicles in Virginia in preparation for the 2021 Virginia General Assembly. Read the report to learn about the benefits of EVs, barriers to adoption, the policies we need, and how you can help.

  • 53% of Virginians are likely to consider an EV for their next car.
  • 71% of Virginians have a positive view of electric vehicles.
  • 71% of Virginians support state-level EV incentives.
  • Availability of electric vehicle inventory is a significant barrier to wider EV adoption for Virginia new-car dealerships.
  • Support for Virginia’s transition from fossil fuels to clean energy is strong.

Sign the “Going Electric” Pledge


Driving electric saves money, improves your community’s air and health, and is an impactful way for you to take part in our transition to clean energy. Whether you’re planning to buy a car in the next week or the next five years, make it electric.

The ‘Going Electric’ pledge:

“I want to help accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy. I pledge to make the next vehicle I purchase an electric car.”


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Be an EV Ambassador within your community

your voice matters

Be an EV Ambassador within your community

It’s no secret that the most effective advocates for electric cars are EV owners themselves. That’s why Gen180 wants to inspire and equip owners like you to be even more impactful as you drive awareness and adoption of EVs in your neighborhoods, communities, and networks.

Take a look and see how you can be a voice for change in your community.

Making electric cars more accessible than ever

Electrify Your Ride VA

Making electric cars more accessible than ever

In Virginia, nearly half of all energy-related CO2 emissions come from the transportation sector.1 By switching from a gas-powered car to an electric one, the average VA resident could reduce the CO2 emissions of their drive by 70%.2 The collective impact of individuals making this switch would significantly impact both our carbon emissions and our regional transition to clean energy.

A collaboration between the nonprofits Generation180, Green Energy Consumer Alliance, and Virginia Clean Cities, the Electrify Your Ride VA campaign is a new, statewide program aimed at making electric cars more accessible than ever through education, local events, and dealership discounts.

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