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Celebrating our 200th Flip the Script newsletter

Collage of clean energy inspirational elements including planet earth

Celebrating our 200th Flip the Script newsletter

Today is Flip the Script’s 200th issue! Since 2020, we’ve sent 200 different issues of our newsletter to thousands of subscribers across the country. That’s a lot of inspiring stories of clean energy progress. We’re grateful for you — your readership and feedback inspire us to continue spreading the word about the power of clean energy to help make people’s lives better and make our climate and communities healthier. 

If you enjoy what you read in Flip the Script, please forward it to a friend or colleague who you think might enjoy it, too. 

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve rounded up our favorite blogs from the past few years. 

— Jamie Wertz, Gen180’s Communications Manager

Fossil fuels comic about quitting

1. The absurd truth about fossil fuel subsidies

We couldn’t make this list without including our most shared story ever. By now, it’s abundantly clear that we need to transition to a clean energy future as fast as possible. Continued massive subsidies for fossil fuels  — $5.9 trillion so far — are a primary offender for this delay. 

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2. How to electrify your life if you’re a renter

If you’re already sold on the benefits of going electric at home but you rent, this one’s for you! Being a homeowner expands the menu of options you can take to electrify your life, but there are a lot of meaningful steps renters can take — and there’s government money to do it through the Inflation Reduction Act. 

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K-12 school leaders at the SLICE symposium by Gen180

3. Bringing together clean energy change makers and leaders at U.S. K-12 schools

Last year, Gen180 hosted the first-ever Clean Energy Schools Symposium, an in-person convening of our School Leadership in Clean Energy (SLICE) Network, which is comprised of school decision-makers who have flipped the switch to clean energy at their schools and are actively inspiring and supporting other schools across the country to do the same. The symposium spotlighted the impact of the education sector as a force toward a clean energy future by showcasing the nation’s most innovative school success stories.

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4. An interview with a climate comedian

In this interview that ran on our podcast, Comedians Conquering Climate Change, we met with Comedian-in-Residence, Esteban Gast, to learn more about his approach to include climate and clean energy topics in his comedy work.

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clean energy pie recipe

5. America’s clean energy pie

We’re ending with something sweet. Educating Americans about home upgrades, EV purchase credits, and other benefits available to them in the Inflation Reduction Act (the largest federal clean energy investment ever) is essential to our clean energy future. Share this fun recipe with family and friends and spark a climate conversation. 

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