Purpose: What We're Fighting For Boot Camps

Purpose: What We're Fighting For

Our mission at Generation180 is to inspire, empower, and equip everyday people like you to play a real role in our transition to 100% clean energy. Not surprisingly, it turns out that each of us is powered by a unique purpose (or combination of purposes). You might be driven toward action most strongly by a desire to help others, to preserve our beautiful planet, to ensure a safer future for your kids, or to exercise self-reliance and freedom.

Whatever your purposes are, knowing and articulating them matters. Your “why” drives you, gives you direction and perseverance, and can be a powerful recruitment tool when shared with others. Why are you working toward a clean energy future?

We asked some members of the Gen180 team to share a purpose statement in the video below in hopes that it helps you articulate your own.

Tell Us What You’re Fighting For

Below is an opportunity to share your own purpose statement. It’s not an exercise you encounter every day, but research shows this is an especially effective way to begin this type of work. So give it a try—share a sentence or two in the box below. Our hope is to use what is written here to inspire others (we’ll keep quotes anonymous).

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