2021 Virginia General Assembly Campaign

Clean Cars For Virginia: Video Submission

We’re putting together a compilation video message to send to key legislators, visually showing them the broad, diverse, unified support among Virginians for policies that move electric transportation forward.

To create it, we need a whole bunch of people all speaking the same script. Then we’ll edit it together into a compelling final video. There are three easy steps for you to follow:

  1. Open up the video script
  2. Use a phone (camera, computer) to film yourself reading the script out loud. (PRO TIP: print out the script or position it close to your camera to make it look like you’re talking to the camera!)
  3. Upload the video using the form below

This doesn’t need to be fancy—just heartfelt. There’s an example video below in case you find it helpful.

Want to see an example of what we’re asking you to submit?