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Electrify Your Ride Ambassador Community

It’s no secret that the most effective messengers and advocates for electric cars are EV owners themselves1. That’s why Gen180 wants to inspire and equip owners like you to be even more impactful as you drive awareness and adoption of electric transport in your neighborhoods, communities, and networks.

We’re in the midst of building out an “Electrify Your Ride Ambassador” community to make this happen. We’re gathering owners together (virtually if we must!) to plan events & campaigns, and develop a best-in-class resource library full of helpful stuff like event collateral, social media assets, template advocacy letters, presentation slide decks, and more.

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Resource Library

The tools you need

Resource Library

We’ve built a library of resources to help you be more effective at all the things you may (or may not) already do: EV events, tabling at conferences, lunch and learn presentations, social media, and even everyday conversations. Here’s what we’ve built:

  • Social media assets: key facts, myth-busters, and memes for you to wield at will
  • How-to guides: User friendly guides for setting up workplace events, posting on NextDoor, and writing a letter to the editor
  • Hand-Outs: FAQ fact sheets, Going Electric Pledge cards, and pocket-sized collateral to support your EV encounters and conversations
  • And More: Presentation slide decks, how to encourage charging at multi-unit dwellings, merchandise, communications training, and more