Flip the Script Greatest Hits: Our 100th Issue

April 27, 2022

Last week was our 100th newsletter! Like all of us, we know you’ve been counting with bated breath.

That means we’ve given you 100 weeks of insightful, exciting, and inspiring content to help you move from climate stress to clean energy action. If you all have had 1/10th of the enjoyment reading the newsletter as we have had writing it, then you’ve had an appropriate amount of enjoyment (let’s not get too carried away).

To celebrate our centennial issue, we’ve curated the top articles based on popularity. They serendipitously (have we used too many multisyllabic words yet?) range the gamut of topics. When putting together this list, we were able to look back and marvel at the truly wide range of themes we’ve covered. From electric vehicles to solar, storage, policy, the electrification of everything, and culture, we’re pretty proud of our coverage of the clean energy transition.

Here are the top five most popular issues of Generation180’s Flip the Script newsletter.


Issue #80: When should I buy an EV?

This thoughtful guide helps readers down the path of answering the question of whether owning an EV makes sense for their lifestyle right now. We go through a breakdown of practicality (range examples, charging types, model availability) and cost analysis (incentives, cost to charge, maintenance). Finally, take a look at the handy flowchart at the end that gives you a step-by-step path to help you determine exactly when you should buy an EV.
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Issue #28: The absurd truth about fossil fuel subsidies

This article has been so popular we’ve republished it (twice!) with updates. It truly is baffling how much the fossil fuel industry has been propped up by subsidies since its inception and that carries over in a massive way — especially today. We go over exactly how much the industry benefits from public funds, why that’s a huge deal, and what our options are moving forward.
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Issue #05: There’s a nationwide school budget crisis—solar can help

Even though this was one of our first newsletters, it still ranks as one of the most popular, and the message rings as true today as when it was first published in the early weeks of the pandemic. Schools are still reeling from deep cuts in their budgets and, now more than ever, solar is a great way to free up funds and get more resources to teachers and students. The growth of solar schools has been a bright spot (pun intended) in the solar movement.
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Issue #43: How my weed eater ushered me into the 21st century

We love this first-person story of how an ordinary weed trimmer that wouldn’t start ushered the author into the electrify everything movement. The experience in the garage is the same as in the world at large: electric is just a better way of doing things. It’s a fun, quick, journey that ends with an update that sheds light on how small changes can lead to a bigger imact.
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Issue #76: How comedy can conquer climate change

If you’re like a lot of Americans, sometimes it can be hard to know A: how to feel about climate change and B: how to talk about climate change. Enter climate comedy. This article surveys some of the funniest climate acts out there and breaks down exactly why laughing a little is so important: Comedy can make conversation topics that could become tense or depressing become more approachable and hopeful. This is one of our favorite articles as it highlights a very important initiative in the climate space, but also has lots of links to hilarious content.
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