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Pumps to Plugs: Reimagining Your Gas Station

Major gas stations are adding EV chargers alongside their gasoline pumps, making long road trips with EVs even more feasible. Range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past as new charging locations become available. Join our panelists Gerard DiBona Jr., John Eichberger, and Annie Gilleo (see below for more […]

The Evolution of EVs in the Media

Virtual Event

Not only are electric vehicles fun to drive and good for the environment, but they’re also fun to read, write, and hear about. So how do electric vehicles drive media interest? How has electric vehicle media coverage changed over time? Join us to hear from our panelists Selika Josiah Talbott, […]

Electric Vehicles or Public Transit: A False Dichotomy?

Virtual Event

The path toward transportation modernization can be compared to a two way street. It will take a variety of approaches, including both electric vehicles and public transit. Join us as our panelists, Katherine Garcia, Ryan Gallentine, Linda Khamoushian, and Kim Jemaine (see more panelist info below) discuss the various approaches […]

EV Trivia Nite: This is You Winning Big

Virtual Event

Why do EVs still have a “regular” 12v car battery? By how much does switching to an EV reduce your carbon emissions? Which is faster, a Mustang Mach-E or…? Come prepared to answer questions like these during our EV trivia night! Whether you’re an expert or just looking to learn […]

Electric School Buses: Communities in the Driver’s Seat

Virtual Event

Each day 25 million students ride school buses, which are mostly loud, polluting diesel buses that are harmful to the health of children and communities. Parents, students, and community members are leading the charge to electrify the school buses in big cities known for having the worst air pollution or largest school districts […]