Electrify Your Ride / North Carolina Drives Electric 2022

North Carolina Drives Electric Report 2022

North Carolinians Support Clean Energy and Electric Vehicles

As North Carolina transitions to a 21st-century clean energy economy, electric vehicles will play an important role in achieving many of the state’s clean energy, climate resilience, economic, and public health goals. The North Carolina Drives Electric 2022 report provides a “State of the State” of electric vehicles for policymakers, advocates, and engaged North Carolinians. The report provides an overview of the benefits of and barriers to electric mobility in the state and findings from Generation180’s representative, statewide survey on transportation electrification clean energy. The findings indicate that North Carolinians are overwhelmingly in favor of clean energy, electric mobility, and programs that accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in communities across the state. Find out more inside this first edition of North Carolina Drives Electric Report.

Key Findings

The majority of North Carolinians support electric vehicles

Key Findings

  • 65% of North Carolinians have a positive perception of electric vehicles
  • 52% of North Carolinians are likely to consider buying an EV for their next car purchase.
  • 75% of North Carolinians ranked savings on maintenance and fuel costs as the #1 influence factor when considering a future EV purchase.
  • 67% of North Carolinians think it is important for North Carolina to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and transition to clean energy.
  • 69% of North Carolinians support North Carolina offering an EV incentive.
  • 55% of North Carolinians reported new jobs and economic development opportunities would be a factor when considering the purchase of an electric vehicle.
Transportation Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) Plan

Policy Matters

Transportation Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) Plan

The North Carolina ZEV Plan (A Strategic Plan for Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption in North Carolina) outlines four key areas where the state can provide support for potential EV buyers: Education, Convenience, Affordability, and Policy.

The North Carolina ZEV Plan aims to reduce economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions to at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions no later than 2050. It also aims to increase the total number of registered zero-emission vehicles in North Carolina to at least 1.25 million by 2030. An executive order from Gov. Roy Cooper also established a goal that by 2050 zero-emission vehicles will comprise 50% of all in-state vehicle sales.

How You Can Help

  • Share the survey findings with local advocates and your elected officials
  • Sign up for Generation180’s email list to stay up to date on advocacy opportunities and upcoming events
  • Sign Generation180’s Going Electric Pledge