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Millions of Americans all over the U.S. are finding clean energy is not only the way of the future, but the way to save on energy costs. Be sure to sign up below to stay in the loop!

This video was created by David Perdue with support from Generation180. David Perdue was a 2022 Fellow of the Climate Comedy Cohort, a program of Generation180 and GoodLaugh at American University’s Center for Media and Social Impact. Production assistance provided by CoolCoolCool Productions.

Going Electric: Making Life Easier and Saving Energy Costs

Today, nearly everyone has the opportunity to power their home and vehicles with electric power, and it just got even easier because of a new clean energy law that provides new rebates and other funds. Here are six ways you can make a big impact on climate change while improving your home – and saving thousands of dollars. These are just a few of the ways to have an impact. Learn more here.

Top 6 Cost Saving Clean Energy Solutions at Home

We just launched a new sweepstakes to – literally – get your motor running. Electric motor that is. The National Going Electric Pledge is a campaign to encourage all Americans to ‘say yes’ to making their next car, truck, or SUV electric. Help us accelerate broad support for electric vehicle driving by signing the Pledge and spreading the word.

Switching to an electric car is one of the most impactful things you can do to reduce carbon pollution. While over 15 million new vehicles were sold in the US last year, less than 6% were electric. You can help change that.

Research shows, when you take climate action, people you know are more likely to take action too. The Pledge Sweepstakes is open May 15 – September 30, 2023. We hope you sign the pledge today to make your ride electric.


Generation180 is working with the following promotional partners to help amplify the National Going Electric Pledge: EVHybridNoire, GreenLatinos, Veloz, Virginia Clean Cities, and Drive Electric USA, a cohort of Clean Cities Coalitions.