Making smart, everyday actions easier

Through our online Energy Challenge platform, you can learn ways to adopt smart energy behaviors and technologies in your everyday life. We’ve researched the top energy solutions for individuals and packaged them into a friendly competition that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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Your individual actions matter.

Because here’s the thing:

Your individual actions matter.

Start with this: if just 10% of Americans took the following six actions, we’d be 3/4 of the way toward meeting our Paris Agreement goal.

  • Drive an electric car
  • Contract for green energy / rooftop solar
  • Adopt a plant-rich diet
  • Don’t waste food
  • Fly one less time
  • Buy carbon offsets

The Energy Challenge makes adopting these solutions—and many others—a whole lot easier.

The science behind the
Energy Challenge

Adopting new habits is harder than we think. Behavioral science has clearly demonstrated that one’s belief and intention to act often aren’t enough to get a person to change an ingrained behavior.

That’s where the Energy Challenge comes in: it’s designed from the ground up using insights from behavioral science to help you make changes that are accessible, effective, and long-lasting. Here are just a few of the insights that the platform leverages:

  • Make it social

    It turns out we humans are pretty social creatures, with a profound need to belong and a desire to cooperate. We don’t behave purely as individuals, but as members of any number of social groups to which we belong. This means two things when it comes to the Energy Challenge: first, that the platform’s social elements—including leaderboards, teams, and discussions—make using it more fun while also reinforcing social norms around smart energy behaviors; and secondly, that the real-life actions the Energy Challenge helps you take are likely to have a positive, spreading influence on your friends, family, neighbors, and network.

  • Make it simple

    Changing the way you think about and consume energy has never been easier. The Energy Challenge is an intuitive, gamified platform that gives you reminders to follow up on your chosen actions, which is a good thing: research shows that people feel good when they remind themselves of their values and then act upon those values.

  • One step at a time

    The transition to 100% clean energy won’t be done overnight. In a lot of cases, the gravity of the task can be so daunting that people might feel exhausted, setting them up for failure. The Energy Challenge is designed to include multiple categories to remind you that there is no single solution—no one right path. Once you’ve gotten started, however, studies show that when one significant habit is changed, it could be a keystone habit that leads to other habits changing.

Bring the Energy Challenge to your organization

Bring the Energy Challenge to your organization

The Energy Challenge makes it easy to grow your social impact and engage your organization.

Make a positive impact

When your organization takes on the Energy Challenge, you’ll engage your employees/members to make choices that will save energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve their well-being. Use our free online platform to track your progress in completing a variety of clean energy actions and learn about the collective impact your organization can have toward a cleaner, healthier future.

Foster a collaborative and sustainable culture

By forming teams for the Energy Challenge, you can encourage collaboration and camaraderie within your organization. Teams can exchange ideas and share their progress through the discussion board. As you successfully complete actions, you will earn points that contribute to your individual and team totals. Teams can challenge each other in a fun and friendly competition to earn the most points and make the biggest impact.

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Generation180 provides free access to the online platform and end-to-end support tailored to your organization to make the challenge a success. We can work closely with you to implement the challenge at your organization and strategize ways to engage your cohort.

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