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The movement of schools in Virginia going solar is growing. In the past six years, the amount of solar installed on schools has grown over a hundredfold. In our recent national report on solar schools, Virginia ranked 8th in the nation for the amount of solar installed on K-12 schools.

Despite this progress, only 3% of Virginia’s schools have gone solar and not all communities have equal access to the opportunity. We want to ensure that all schools can access the benefits of going solar, including reduced energy bills, enhanced STEM education, workforce development, and healthier communities. Let’s get to work on sharing the benefits of solar for all schools in the Commonwealth.

Expanding Solar Access in Southwest Virginia

While solar on schools is growing exponentially across Virginia, Southwest Virginia has long been excluded from this growth due to limits on solar power by Appalachian Power.  School districts and local governments in the region had been placing solar projects on hold until a new agreement with the utility could be negotiated. Thanks to the dedicated advocacy of local governments and schools, Solar Workgroup of Southwest Virginia, and our partners in Virginia, the burdensome utility barriers to solar have now been removed.

Be a Spark for Solar at Your School

Be a Spark for Solar at Your School

Last year, Generation180 supporters spoke up about why we needed legislation to lift Dominion Energy’s limit on power purchase agreements (PPAs). With your help, the Virginia Clean Economy Act was passed and removed this barrier. With the option available to go solar with no upfront costs, solar is accessible and affordable for schools throughout Dominion’s territory. Now, your school just needs a spark to help make it happen.

We provide a wealth of resources to help you get started right in your own community in Virginia. Use our Solar Schools Campaign Toolkit below as a step-by-step grassroots organizing guide for advocating for solar at your school/district. Once you have buy-in to go solar, you can use our How-to Guide to learn about the steps of the solar development process, including an introduction to solar financing for schools.


Powering a Brighter Future in Virginia

Report on Solar Schools in VA

Powering a Brighter Future in Virginia

Generation180’s report (updated in January 2020) shows how installation of solar at schools in Virginia has exploded thanks to a state policy that enabled schools to go solar without paying any upfront capital costs. Read the report to find a list of solar schools in Virginia, learn about the trends, and get inspired by success stories.

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