The movement of schools in Virginia going solar is growing. In the past six years, the amount of solar installed on schools has grown over a hundredfold. In our recent national report on solar schools, Virginia ranked 8th in the nation for the amount of solar installed on K-12 schools.

Despite this progress, only 3% of Virginia’s schools have gone solar and not all communities have equal access to the opportunity. We want to ensure that all schools can access the benefits of going solar, including reduced energy bills, enhanced STEM education, workforce development, and healthier communities. Let’s get to work on sharing the benefits of solar for all schools in the Commonwealth.


Powering a Brighter Future in Virginia

Report on Solar Schools in VA

Powering a Brighter Future in Virginia

Generation180’s report (updated in January 2020) shows how installation of solar at schools in Virginia has exploded thanks to a state policy that enabled schools to go solar without paying any upfront capital costs. Read the report to find success stories and to learn about the policies that would provide access to solar for schools statewide.

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Remove Solar Barriers in Southwest Virginia

Appalachian Power has placed unfair and unnecessary limits on solar energy for school districts and local governments in Southwest Virginia. Your support is needed to ensure that these communities have access to solar energy in order to reduce electric bills, save taxpayer dollars, and support local energy jobs.


Virginia: The General Assembly is moving forward with bills that would open up access to needed solar financing for schools and municipalities in Southwest VA. Companion bills HB 2034 AND SB 1420 both passed unanimously. Thank your state legislators for supporting access to solar energy in southwest Virginia.

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Southwest Virginia: Cities, counties, and school districts in Appalachian Power territory have an opportunity now to negotiate a new contract with the utility and gain fair access to solar. Let your local  leaders know that you want the cost-savings and job creation that solar can bring to your community.

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You can also encourage your local officials to pass a resolution in support of equal access to solar. Click here to see the resolutions passed by Dickenson County Public Schools, Wise County Public Schools, Scott County Public Schools, and Tazewell County Schools.  Contact Austin Counts ( to learn more.

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Success Stories

Spotlight on Solar Schools in Virginia