What Story Will You Tell?

A new year is here, the clean energy revolution is underway, and YOU have a role to play in speeding it up.

There’s no shortage of ways for you to step up and take action this year—in your home, your community, our country. Your energy matters—now more than ever.

So what will you do in 2020? A year (or a decade) from now, what story will you tell? We’ve got ideas and examples to help inspire you, but make it you and make it meaningful.

Some ideas:

  • Go solar
  • Drive electric
  • Get my school to go solar
  • Show up at a lobby day
  • Mobilize clean energy voters
  • Give a brown bag presentation at work
  • Exercise civil disobedience

Upload a short (<20 sec) video resolution describing what you resolve to do this year. Tell us WHAT you plan to do and WHY you want to do it—using the following sentence format: “I resolve to…”

What are some actions I can take?

In Your Household

In Your Household

  • Go solar

    It’s one of the biggest actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint1, create local energy, and reduce pollution. But solar is even more than that: it acts as a positive “gateway-drug”2, leading to transformed social identities and more clean energy action. Get more info here, or jump right on in and get a quote for your home.

  • Drive electric

    Same deal as solar—driving electric is both impactful and identity-shaping. Try and find an electric car owner that regrets making the switch (spoiler alert: they don’t exist). Enough said—get started on your journey here. Already own one? Throw a driveway party and invite the neighbors…

  • Eat plant-rich

    What you put on your plate has a big impact on the planet. Widespread adoption of a plant-rich diet is Drawdown Project’s #4 most-impactful solution (yes, right up there with wind power). This protein chart should act as a wakeup call. Ready to dig in? Check out this beginner’s guide.

In Your Community

In Your Community

  • Help your school go solar

    Solar is now a hands-down win-win-win for schools, students, and communities all over the country. Yet only 5% of K-12 schools have solar. Time to change that number. Our Solar Schools program has everything you need to start a campaign, convince decision-makers, and more.

  • Help your school bus fleet go electric

    It’s time to ditch the dirty diesel buses that transport 25 million kids in America each day. The case for electric buses is more compelling than ever, and there are a variety of ways to pay for them. This webinar is a good primer to get you started.

  • Speak up for clean energy policy

    There’s a huge array of policies needed to accelerate our country’s transition to a safer, healthier, more equitable clean energy future. We’ve outlined some key ones on this page. Want to start local? Get your community to make a 100% clean energy commitment—Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 campaign can equip you for the task.

Ready to share your resolution?

What will your story be in 2020? Sharing your resolution can not only inspire others, but it increases the likelihood that you’ll actually follow through. So take a moment and upload a short (<20 sec) video resolution describing what you resolve to do this year.