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ABC News shines the spotlight on our Climate Comedy Cohort

Esteban Gast on ABC News

ABC News shines the spotlight on our Climate Comedy Cohort

Our Climate Comedy Cohort garnered some national media attention this weekend! ABC’s ‘Nightline’ went behind the scenes with comedians from our Climate Comedy Cohort, co-created and directed with the Center for Media & Social Impact’s GoodLaugh initiative at American University.

Generation180’s Comedian-in-Residence, Esteban Gast, shares why humor has a pivotal role to play in the climate movement.

There are so many [climate] solutions and there’s so much we can do. So, we use comedy to translate those messages and reach new people, and to get people to hopefully think differently about climate.

The Climate Comedy Cohort brings together diverse comedians from around the country to flip the script on the way we think about climate change. Earlier this year, we held our in-person clean energy think tank in Washington D.C. to learn from climate experts and behavioral scientists about the best tactics to educate people around us about climate solutions. Research shows that the majority of Americans are concerned about climate change, but most know little about meaningful steps they can take. There’s a lot more people can do – and our comedians help people see the role they can play.

The 9-month fellowship concludes Fall 2023 with a live show in New York City featuring all nine cohort members. More on this soon!

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