The Past

No Choice, No Fun

Until recently, we’ve been tethered to fossil fuels: no freedom to choose how we power our homes and communities and no ability to take direct action on clean energy.



A Whole New World

Today, a new reality is taking hold, unlocked by the arrival of low-cost solar power and electric vehicles to the mass market. We can now untether ourselves from burning fossil fuels and take direct actions that accelerate our transition to clean energy.


Out with the Old, In with the New

Millions of people can now move past the old script around climate change and embrace a new reality—one in which they can make a real difference.


You can see this new reality taking hold all around our country.

Every 90 seconds, another U.S. household installs a solar system.5

Millions of drivers are choosing to ditch gasoline and drive electric cars (many are literally driving on sunshine thanks to rooftop solar).

Communities are taking action, schools and town halls are going solar and switching to electric buses and fleets.

Join the Power Party

Meanwhile, clean, renewable energy has been rapidly transforming the power industry. Together, U.S. solar and wind power generation has quintupled over the past decade1—and a stampede of new clean energy is coming down the pipeline.

U.S. Solar and Wind Power Generation

Corporate Wind & Solar Procurement
(Cumulative, Gigawatts)

Leading corporations are buying up clean, renewable energy—even more than utilities themselves—and accelerating the power sector’s transformation. The low cost of clean energy has spurred rapid growth as companies take action to keep expenses low and stay competitive. Market forces are taking hold and clean energy is winning.

The People Have Spoken

Across society, there’s now alignment behind clean energy. A cultural shift is underway. People in all corners of the globe continue to make their voices heard—most recently the seven million who turned out for the 2019 Climate Strike.


While bold action on climate has a huge momentum, clean energy solutions have support across the political spectrum: 70% of Americans think clean energy should be a high political priority,2 and 85% want their utilities to be 100% renewable-powered by 2050.3

Local leaders are responding to this momentum and making strong commitments: more than 100 cities and towns across the country have made 100% clean energy goals. Together with statewide targets and laws, these goals apply to over half the U.S. population.

1 in 3 Americans Are Living within 100% Clean Energy Goals


The End Goal

All this progress is driving toward a clear, feasible goal:4 get to 100% clean energy as quickly as possible.

If we speed up the buildout of our clean energy supply while reducing our energy demands—through energy efficiency and smarter choices—we can get to 100% clean energy much more quickly. A couple of decades, in this case, will make a world of difference.

Here’s where you come back into the picture: the new energy reality means you can choose to take direct action on clean energy. You can play a meaningful role—now more than ever. Your energy matters.