For over a century, we’ve been tethered to fossil fuels without freedom to choose how we power our homes and communities.

But now, the path is clear.
We are in a new energy era.

Renewables have surpassed fossil fuels. Wind and solar are now cheaper than oil, gas, and nuclear power.

BloombergNEF, 2020

Clean energy jobs were the fastest growing U.S. occupations in 2022., 2022

Every 90 seconds, another U.S. household goes solar.

SEIA, 2019

Millions of drivers are choosing to ditch gasoline and drive electric cars.

International Energy Agency, 2023

Communities are taking action, schools and town halls are going solar and switching to electric buses and fleets.

Here’s where you come into the picture.

The new energy reality means you can now choose clean energy in your home or community. You can play a meaningful role—now more than ever.

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