We’re reframing the narrative around energy and equipping people to take effective, meaningful action in their homes and communities.

Generation180’s founding was prompted by a growing realization that we are at a tipping pointin America's transition to clean energy. The convergence of macro trends across the power, commercial, finance, and political sectors, as well as the arrival of rooftop solar power and electric vehicles to the mass market, have made it possible for our generation to fundamentally change our direction. We can now dramatically accelerate the arrival of a 100% clean energy future.

The Team

  • Kay Campbell

    Kay Campbell

    Sr. Communications Strategist

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    Kay has more than 20 years’ experience using communications to drive social change, with deep expertise in strategic communications and media outreach. She’s worked on a range of issues – from environmental sustainability to public health and health equity – in the nonprofit, corporate, and federal government sectors.

  • Kerrie Carfagno

    Kerrie Carfagno

    Senior Fellow

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    Professor Carfagno teaches management communication, with an emphasis on communication strategy, business writing, public speaking, and communication skills in relation to leadership, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. She is particularly interested in studying the impact of social media and other technologies on crisis communications and leadership, which is the focus of her research and the subject of her most recent national and international academic presentations.

  • Julie Jones

    Julie Jones

    Operations Manager

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    Julie has extensive experience as a leader in innovative nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. She specializes in building unique coalitions to advance solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Born and raised on her family’s farm on the Mormons river, Julie loves being outside and eating veggies straight from the garden.

  • Nate McFarland

    Nate McFarland

    Director of Communications

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    A musician and entrepreneur turned marketer, Nate seeks to build impactful organizations, grow engaged tribes, and tell meaningful stories that will leave a better, healthier, more peaceful world for his sons' generation.

  • Wendy Philleo

    Wendy Philleo

    Executive Director

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    Wendy is a nonprofit leader, philanthropic advisor, and social entrepreneur with a deep interest in social change and innovation. She brings over 20 years of experience in sustainability and conservation both domestically and internationally. She can often be found out enjoying nature and exploring new places with her husband, two children, and German shepherd.

  • Sandy Reisky

    Sandy Reisky


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    After spending nearly two decades in the clean energy business creating several successful companies commercializing utility-scale wind, solar, and wave energy, Sandy founded Generation180 to inspire and equip individuals to join in the transition to clean energy.

  • Blair St. Ledger-Olson

    Blair St. Ledger-Olson

    Program Manager

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    With a background in conservation research, Blair is passionate about how scientific discovery can drive environmental sustainability. When not out hiking with her rescue dogs, she works to empower communities through education to have a positive impact on their environment.

  • Tish Tablan

    Tish Tablan

    Program Director

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    Tish has followed her passion and dedicated her career to spreading environmental and energy awareness to diverse groups and collaborating on sustainable solutions. She enjoys empowering people to contribute to a healthier planet for us all.

  • Matt Turner

    Matt Turner

    Creative Manager

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    Matt loves crafting the stories of the energy transition in whatever creative format he can—through video, photography, design, or web development. His love of the outdoors and his growing family encourages his pursuit of a cleaner future.

  • Jamie Wertz

    Jamie Wertz

    Program Assistant

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    Jamie is studying Global Sustainability and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia, driven by her desire to fight for a just and equitable future for her generation. When not at work helping others live more sustainably, she can be found rock climbing or cooking with local Charlottesville produce.

  • Maverick


    Staff Doggo

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    Loves: Sleeping. Belly scratches. Laying outside in the sun. Hates: Squirrels. Loud noises. The family cat.

  • Milly


    Staff Doggo

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    Always up for the next adventure, Milly is an energetic greeter and a thorough vacuum cleaner. Loves swimming (year round) and playing with anyone and everyone.


  • Jonathan Baker

    Jonathan Baker


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    Jonathan has been involved in the renewable energy space for over a decade as a co-founder of HelioSage and a lead investor in Greenlight Energy. Prior to getting involved in energy, he was the Vice President and Managing Director at the Advisory Board Company and its spin-off, the Corporate Executive Board Company. Jonathan is also active in child welfare issues in the former Soviet Union as a co-founder of the Firefly Children’s Network.

  • Jason Halbert

    Jason Halbert


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    Jason is the Deputy Director at The Oak Hill Fund in Charlottesville, VA, where he manages the foundation and grant programs focused on climate change, renewable energy, and other issue areas. Prior to joining The Oak Hill Fund, Jason managed grassroots grantmaking at the W. Alton Jones Foundation. He is former Chairman of the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority and once directed the Appalachian Restoration Campaign.