We are a nonprofit working to inspire and equip people to take action on clean energy.

A world powered by wind, water, and sun is not only possible—it’s already happening. We’re helping to accelerate this transition to renewables and usher Americans into the New Energy Era.


We lead nationwide campaigns and equip clean energy ambassadors across the country.


In addition to our national reach, we lead state campaigns in areas where we can make a big impact.


Electrify Your Ride

We are Changing the Narrative Around Clean Energy.

We developed our Flip the Script campaign, featuring climate comedy projects and regular newsletters, to change the climate narrative from doom and gloom to “we’ve got this!”–and shift how people see their role in clean energy.

We Publish Original Research and Resources.

 We create original research, reports, and resources to support the climate movement, earning media coverage to inform individuals, influence policymakers, and equip decision-makers with actionable information.

We Train and Equip Clean Energy Ambassadors.

Inspiring and equipping individuals to impact those around them is one of the most effective ways to accelerate change. This is at the heart of Generation180’s theory of change. That’s why we provide solar and electric ambassadors with peer-to-peer networking, training, resources, and occasions to engage with media and everyday audiences.

We Use Arts and Culture to Share our Message.

We tap into American culture – working with artists, comedians, sportscasters, and other creative partners – to get individuals’ attention and move them to act.

Our Values

Bold Creativity

We are open to new and creative solutions and lead with memorable design that inspires individuals.

Belief and Trust in People

We believe and trust that people will take action for good – while using the best of behavioral science to reinforce their decisions.

Optimistic and Solutions Oriented

Our program objectives are rooted in hopefulness and meaningful outcomes for all.

Culture of Abundance

We value collaboration, embrace a spirit of generosity, and work to make sure there is enough for everyone.

Help Generation180 in our mission toward a clean energy future.