Pennsylvania has one of the largest public education systems in the United States, serving more than 1.7 million students. Bringing solar energy to Pennsylvania schools would have a positive impact on a generation of future leaders.

Generation180’s campaign is working to ensure that all Pennsylvania schools can access the benefits of going solar, including reduced energy bills, enhanced STEM education, workforce development, and healthier communities.

Speak up for the Solar for Schools Grant Program

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly supported the Solar for Schools Grant program (HB 1032). This fall the legislation will move to the Senate. Let’s empower schools to reduce their energy costs, provide hands-on learning and job training opportunities, and foster energy independence and resilience through a state-funded grant program.

Get Free Solar Assistance 

Through the G.E.T. Solar for Schools program, Generation180 and the Pennsylvania Solar Center are offering free support for K-12 schools to go solar on campus with no upfront costs. Free consultation includes:
  • Personalized consultation
  • Solar feasibility study
  • Review of financial options
  • Guidance through the solar procurement process

Learn how PA schools doubled their solar power in two years

Read our report on solar adoption by Pennsylvania schools to learn about the trends, benefits, and opportunities across the state for solar adoption.

Expanding Solar Adoption at Schools in Pennsylvania

We are working to bring the benefits of solar energy to all school communities statewide. Help us keep our map updated by letting us know about successful solar projects at your school.