Electrify Our Schools

Create resilient schools with electrified buildings and transportation powered by clean energy.

The Opportunity

K-12 students could be learning in safe and healthy buildings that are 100% electrified and free of fossil fuels
0 million
public school buildings could be community resilience hubs powered by solar microgrids during grid outages

 Schools can teach us how to charge towards a brighter future with 100% clean energy. We are supporting K-12 schools to electrify their buildings and vehicles, power them with clean energy, and create energy resilient hubs for their communities.

Powering a Brighter Future

Learn more about our two national campaigns to support adoption of solar energy and electric school buses.

Shining a light on the clean energy momentum in K-12 schools.

Find resources in your state to help you get started in bringing clean energy to your school. Use our map to get inspired by a clean energy leader or school success story near you.

Get Inspired by these School Leaders

Our School Leadership in Clean Energy (SLICE) Network is lighting the way to a clean energy future. Learn more about what they are doing in their schools and communities.

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Federal Action Alert

Tell Congress to power up our public schools! Support nationwide investment in clean-powered, zero-carbon, and resilient schools through the Green New Deal For Public Schools Act. 

Got clean energy questions? We can help.

Search our virtual Clean Energy Help Desk for Schools to find articles, resources, and answers to FAQs about solar, battery storage, electric school buses, funding options, and more.