Climate Comedy

 Inspiring Climate Action Through Comedy

The Opportunity

Comedy can help us flip the script on the way we think about climate change

We need creative approaches to tackle the climate crisis. By partnering with comedians, we’re able to engage new audiences and help popularize positive clean energy behaviors.

About Climate Comedy

Research across disciplines shows that comedy is uniquely persuasive and attention-getting when it comes to serious issues like the climate crisis. Partnering with comedians is one of the ways we are using cultural strategies and creative communications rooted in science to inspire climate action.
The Climate Comedy Cohort is an unprecedented network of comedians who are coming together to learn, collaborate, and create hilarious new comedy informed by the hottest climate science.

Co-created and co-directed by Generation180 and the Center for Media & Social Impact’s GoodLaugh initiative at American University, the Climate Comedy Cohort brings together diverse comedians from around the country to flip the script on the way we think about climate change. Research shows that the majority of Americans are concerned about climate change, but don’t know where to start. Comedians play an essential role in helping people understand how to take action.

The Climate Translator

Confused about climate change? Wondering who “Ira” is? Comedian David Perdue is hoping to change that one laugh at a time by translating these topics into clear messages about meaningful climate action as The Climate Translator.

Comedians Conquering Climate Change Podcast

The funniest, friendliest, and shortest podcast addressing today’s critical climate and clean energy topics.

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