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Comedians Conquering Climate Change: our new podcast

Comedians Conquering Climate Change: our new podcast

It’s officially Launch Day for our brand new podcast, Comedians Conquering Climate Change.  We’re pretty sure it’s the funniest, most accessible, and shortest podcast addressing today’s critical climate and clean energy topics available in the podcast-sphere. We’ve published two episodes so far and have more coming each week, so check it out here.


What’s this project all about?

Comedians Conquering Climate Change is the funniest, most accessible, shortest podcast addressing today’s critical climate and clean energy topics. Our host, comedian, writer, and teacher Esteban Gast, is joined each week by a fellow comedian to single-handedly save the planet. Need we say more?

Why did Gen180 make this?

The core of our work here at Generation180 is changing the narrative around climate and clean energy. In order to get to a clean energy future, we’re going to need more than just alarm, doom, and gloom. We need a compelling, accessible vision of the future, a focus on solutions, and a stronger dose of emotions—like hope, resilience, and humor. Humor is a powerful tool that has been underutilized in the climate movement to date. It can lower defenses, introduce new perspectives, and it travels much further than data and pie charts do online.

What’s funny about climate change?

If the above ☝ explanation didn’t convince you, here’s another attempt: Yes, the climate crisis is an existential threat that is deadly serious business. But humor helps us tackle serious topics all the time (there are countless sitcoms, books, standup comedy, and even humor-based protests as examples of this). As comedian Rollie Williams says, “Climate change is an emergency, but it’s not a sprint.” This podcast is a moment to take a breath, have a laugh, and learn something all at the same time.

Much more to come! Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify (or your favorite podcasting platform) to catch weekly episodes as they’re released.

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