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Four Hoos. Two Teams. One race to JPJ.

Four Hoos. Two Teams. One race to JPJ.

If that headline doesn’t pique your interest, this video isn’t for you. If you want to see ESPN’s Cory Alexander drag race Dave “Voice of the Cavaliers” Koehn in an electric car, then this is worth four minutes of your work-from-home “lunch hour.”

Check out the video and then sign the “Going Electric” pledge below.

Sign the ‘Going Electric’ pledge

Driving electric can save you money, improve your community’s air and health, and is an impactful way for you to take part in the transition to clean energy. Whether you’re planning to buy a car in the next week or the next five years, make it electric.


The ‘Going Electric’ pledge:

“I want to help accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy. I pledge to make the next vehicle I purchase an electric car.”

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Why did we make this video? Because these guys are awesome and because electric cars are too. We’re working to spread awareness that electric cars now make a ton of sense for millions of Americans—and they’re one of the highest-impact actions you can take personally to help us get to a 100% clean energy future. 

Ready to take the next step? For those of you in and around Virginia, head over to to learn more and sign up for discounts on the latest electric models. Not in the area? is a great resource to learn more about available models. Happy driving!