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Generation180 at the Washington DC Auto Show

Generation180 at the Washington DC Auto Show

Generation180 hosted Ask an EV Owner events this past weekend at the Washington DC Auto Show.  We initiated conversations about common misconceptions, highlighted benefits, and demystified EV ownership with our EV Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors helped the EV-curious crowd answer questions about going electric and had a lot of fun, too!

The Washington DC Auto Show is remarkable! Here’s a look at some of my favorite things from the show as a first-time attendee of a car show. It’s THE place to be to see all of the new vehicles coming to market. See here for everything that was on display.

#1 – Everybody’s making electric vehicles

Going electric isn’t just for cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs; the show highlighted electric transit buses with zero tailpipe emissions, too. Just imagine how much quieter (and cleaner) our neighborhoods could be! Especially within some of the busiest metro cities.

Washington DC Metro City Electric Bus

#2 – More sleek electric cars, some crafty marketing

Polestar had its new electric car on display; the coolest feature about the company is that they only manufacture EVs. The Polestar brand sold over 51,500 units in 2022. The great thing is they ALL were electric!

Polestar Electric Car

#3 – Signing the Going Electric Pledge

More and more car show attendees are actually in the market to buy a car… and based on the number of Going Electric Pledges signed during the weekend,  lots of individuals are planning to make the switch to electric cars.  Whether new or used, in one month or five years, electric cars are increasingly making it onto car buyers’ shopping lists. But, we can do more; EVs account for only about 6% of the US market share. Learn more and sign the Pledge yourself!


#4 – Oh my! Test drive an electric car inside?

Since EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, the auto show hosted an indoor track for test rides as part of the show’s EV display. Research shows that just riding in an EV can increase an individual’s consideration rate by two times. However, if someone is to test drive an EV, then research supports that one’s consideration increases to three times as likely. Check out the long lines of participants waiting to experience the ride!

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Limited

The 5th thing we loved at the Washington DC Auto Show… our EV Ambassadors

Electric cars were the hot topic, for sure! However, I’d argue that the EV owners were more exciting. During the Ask an EV Owner panels, attendees heard first-hand from actual EV owners about the benefits of driving electric.  And did you know, word of mouth has the biggest impact on what cars people buy? These panelists knew what they were talking about!


We hope to see you at a future Ask an EV Owner event, either as a panelist or in the audience!  In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me at

— Shakaya Cooper, Program Associate, Electrify Your Ride