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Get in on this e-bike raffle for Electrify Your Ride Week

Get in on this e-bike raffle for Electrify Your Ride Week

The first ever Electrify Your Ride Week is coming soon, and we decided to giveaway a legit, beautiful e-bike to celebrate. Here at Generation180 we’re big on electrifying transportation—whether it’s a bus, car, or bike—because it’s one of the most impactful actions that commuters, households, schools, and businesses can take toward a clean energy future.

What exactly is Electrify Your Ride Week? To celebrate National Drive Electric Week this year, we’re hosting—you guessed it—a full week of virtual events all about electric vehicles. We’ll be covering topics ranging from how to drive on sunshine to workplace charging, from effective government policies to myth-busting trivia. And we guarantee it will be more fun than that corporate HR webinar you just sat through last week. This raffle should be one indicator of that guarantee, right?

How the raffle works

We’re keeping things simple (we hope): each of the two actions below will earn you one (1) entry into the raffle. Terms and conditions apply.

  1. Sign the ‘Going Electric’ pledge below by October 3rd (REQUIRED)
  2. Attend one or more events during Electrify Your Week (9/27–10/3)

We’re giving away a brand new Evo Fitzroy Electric Bicycle ($1,499 value). This aluminum frame 7-speeder has an electric drive system that will “put a little extra spring in your stroke.” If you’ve never tried an e-bike, you’re in for a treat.


So sign the pledge below and we’ll see you at Electrify Your Ride Week!

The ‘Going Electric’ pledge:

“I want to help accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy. I pledge to make the next vehicle I purchase an electric car.”