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The future of laundry: electric heat pump dryers

The future of laundry: electric heat pump dryers

It’s time to move on from your old-school dryer and get in on the heat-pump revolution. We’re talking about electric heat pump clothes dryers—the superheroes of laundry day that save you energy, time, and money. Instead of venting humid air and reheating it, these dryers use a closed loop system that’s more efficient and convenient. New clean energy laws offer rebates  that will also help homeowners save on costs.

Benefits of electric heat pump dryers

The benefits of installing an electric heat pump dryer range from easy installation to significantly reduced energy use (= lower energy bills). Without the need for a ventilation system, new dryers can be installed nearly anywhere in your home, close to an outlet. As the closed loop dryer system no longer needs to reheat the air to dry clothes, energy use is reduced by 28%.Electric heat pump dryers are gentler on clothes as they remain lower and more stable temperatures while still getting the job done.

Funds available to buy electric heat pump dryers

The best part? New clean energy laws include up to $840 dollars to install a new electric heat pump clothes dryer. In order to qualify for the incentive, applicants must be replacing a traditional laundry system. Learn more here.

Electric heat pump clothes dryers make life easier while cutting your energy costs.