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Why electrify your ride? 17 damn good reasons

Why electrify your ride? 17 damn good reasons

To promote the launch of the Electrify Your Ride VA campaign, we ran a #whyelectrify campaign on social media consisting of seventeen reasons to start driving an electric car. While they run the gamut from the pragmatic and tangible (“no more oil changes”) to the aspirational and intangible (“be proud of what you did when it mattered most”), all are worthwhile benefits of electrifying your ride. If you are already convinced, find a reason below that might be particularly relevant to a friend or loved one and share it.

So without further ado, here are all the posts collected in one place for your viewing pleasure (also click on any post to share it on Facebook):

Electric cars: no more oil changes

Just one of the many perks of driving electric.

Electric cars: flex some independence

Let’s make moves towards a transportation sector powered by clean, renewable energy made right here in America.

Electric cars: your kids will thank you

What story will you tell when your kid asks about the clean energy revolution?

Electric cars: get off the sidelines; get in the (clean energy) game

Driving an electric car is one real, impactful way you can take part in the electrification of everything—a key piece of the 100% clean energy puzzle.

Electric cars: stop spewing exhaust from your rear

It feels good—trust us.

Electric cars: driving on sunshine is a real thing

With a home powered by solar energy, you can actually power your car with clean, renewable, local energy. It’s pretty profound when you stop to think about it.

Electric cars: drive the solution—it matters

No caption necessary.

Electric cars: say goodbye to big oil

You vote with your wallet in other aspects of your life. Now, for the first time, millions of drivers can do the same with their personal transportation. To whom do you want your money going?

Electric cars: (unbelievably) quiet

You have to experience it to feel the difference.

Electric cars: "fuel" up while you sleep

80% of electric car charging happens at home. It’s pretty much like charging your phone, which is also *extremely* easy.

Electric cars: wars over oil not your thing?

Saudi oilfield attacks, anyone?

Electric cars: no more sketchy gas stations

No more late night, creepy gas station experiences  . Drive an electric car and forget about gas stations altogether. Except maybe for snacks  .

Electric cars: be proud of what you did when it mattered most

Getting to a future powered by clean energy is going to take urgent action across ALL fronts, and from ALL of us. For millions of Americans, driving an electric car now makes economic sense and is one of the most impactful actions you can take to help drive the transition to clean energy. Your energy matters—now more than ever.

Electric cars: all the range you actually need

Each day, the average U.S. driver travels 29 miles. Electric car models are now hitting the 200–300 mile range, so…….you’re good.

Electric cars: way, way, way fewer moving parts

A Chevy Bolt’s powertrain has over 80% fewer moving parts than a comparable internal combustion engine’s. That means fewer trips to the mechanic and more money in your pocket.

Electric cars: get out of the 20th century

Gasoline is so last century.

Electric cars: lower total cost of ownership

The numbers pencil out on electric cars for millions of drivers. Go see for yourself on Kelley Blue Book.

Ready to drive electric? For those of you in and around Virginia, head over to to learn more and sign up for discounts on the latest electric models. Not in the area? is a great resource to learn more about available models. Happy driving!