Jed Hamberger is an accomplished and dedicated educational leader serving as the Superintendent of the Oswayo Valley School District. With an unwavering commitment to the students, staff, and community, he leads the district in creating an environment that fosters academic excellence, innovation, and holistic growth.

As Superintendent of Oswayo Valley School District, Jed strives to enhance the educational experience for every student. He is dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive school culture, where every student feels supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. Under his leadership, the district has seen notable advancements in curriculum development, technology integration, workforce development and community engagement.

Jed is an advocate for collaborative partnerships between schools, families, communities and local businesses to create a holistic support system for students. He believes in the power of teamwork and believes that when all stakeholders work together, they can provide the best opportunities for growth and success to the students.

Jed Hamberger’s vision is to transform Oswayo Valley School District into a model of educational excellence, preparing students to thrive in an ever-changing world. He remains dedicated to ensuring that every student receives a quality education that prepares them for a bright and successful future.