John S. Augustine II is a renowned visionary, leader, and innovator whose life has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology, fostering sustainability, and inspiring positive change in career and technical education. With a remarkable blend of technical expertise and a passion for educating students for their future not the present, Augustine has made indelible contributions to the students he serves. 

Augustine has led a career marked by groundbreaking achievements and innovation. He enjoyed his time teaching drafting and engineering technology, serving business and industry as a cooperative education coordinator, cutting his teeth in administration as an assistant director and serving as the director of the Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center (GJCTC) for the past 17 and half years. At GJCTC he has played a pivotal role in developing innovative technologies that have transformed GJCTC from a 250-student school to a now 600 plus secondary enrollment, a vibrant full time adult technical education center, and a leader in use of technology to improve education all the while controlling the cost of education for his constituents.  His most recent achievement is working with seven school districts to reenergize GJCTC via a 17.8-million-dollar renovation that focused on upgrades that also provide the utmost energy savings.  Augustine’s commitment to innovation lead to a school sustainability idea of producing their own power. GJCTC has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with DPL and has set GJCTC on a trailblazing path in renewable energy technologies for other career and technical education centers to follow. 

 John S. Augustine II’s legacy is one of innovation, leadership, and educational stewardship. His pioneering spirit was recognized by his peers when he was elected to serve a two-year term for the Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Administrators as President. His service for the organization continues as he is now in his third term as Past President, an honor that has never been bestowed upon any other president, and a role in which he advises the current officers in a unique blend of historical perspective and trends for the future. Augustine’s ability to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and educational responsibility serves as an inspiration to future generations of leaders.