Meredith is the Director of Energy & Sustainability for NYC Public Schools where she leads all sustainability and climate planning, develops and scales projects and programs, and establishes robust pathways to reduce emissions, optimize efficiencies, and increase meaningful engagement across all stakeholders. With over 1,450 buildings that consume one third of all municipal energy, Meredith leads efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through such programs as NYC Solar Schools (17.7 megawatts, or 80%, of total solar installed on city buildings), Demand Response for utility infrastructure resilience, waste management and reduction, energy efficiency upgrades, and extensive outreach and education programs for teachers, technical staff, administration, and student leadership across nearly 1,900 K-12 public schools.

Meredith worked to formally include climate education in the Mayor’s PlaNYC for the first time to catalyze school preparation and leadership as a critical part of climate action. Meredith previously led sustainability efforts at Chicago Public Schools, implemented immersive science education programs in San Diego, and has Masters degrees in Environmental Management and Marine Science from the University of Queensland in Australia.