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Living fossil fuel-free, with an EV

Nica Mendoza with her electric vehicle

Living fossil fuel-free, with an EV

This case study originally appeared in our 2023 Report: Your Influence Matters: Peer Influence and EV Adoption, which shows how an individual’s personal influence really matters when it comes to encouraging clean energy behaviors like driving electric.

Nica Mendoza recently finished her master’s degree in branding and experience design at Virginia Commonwealth University. Before that, she served in the U.S. Air Force, became a mom, completed a fine arts degree at Columbus State University, and worked for non-profits.

Before buying her Audi e-tron in 2022, Nica did a lot of online research and also spoke to other EV owners. She wanted to learn about range – getting from point A to point B – and to figure out which EV was the right fit for her and her family. She also looked into cost – not only the upfront cost of the EV, but also how owning the vehicle would affect her electric bill. Vehicle maintenance was a big factor as well. Ultimately, what drove Nica’s decision to go electric was “finding alternative ways to live free from fossil fuels.” Nica charges her Audi mainly at home, using electricity generated from solar panels she installed on her house.

“I began going electric in 2017. I started with solar, then added a car. It benefits me and my family, plus has an impact on the environment – [these actions] represent me.” – Nica Mendoza

At Generation180’s Ask an EV Owner panel in 2022, Nica was able to connect with fellow EV owners and ask questions. She was inspired to join Generation180’s EV Ambassador Network, where she can spread awareness and influence others to learn more about EVs, share this information with friends and family, and ultimately go electric.