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National Solar Tour Spotlight: Three schools participating in the Tour

National Solar Tour Spotlight: Three schools participating in the Tour

The 25th National Solar Tour is underway this week (Sept. 28 – Oct. 4), celebrating the vital role that individuals and organizations with solar play in creating a brighter future for everyone. For the rest of this week, hundreds of people across the nation will show off their solar homes, schools, businesses, municipal buildings, and more on the Tour’s interactive map. There’s also a week’s worth of virtual events covering everything from solar homeownership to energy and equity. 

We’re particularly excited about the growing role K-12 schools are playing in advancing solar energy. Solar on schools has now become a win-win solution for students, schools, and communities that’s being rapidly deployed in communities all over the country: over the last five years, U.S. K-12 schools more than doubled their total amount of installed solar.

To celebrate this week’s National Solar Tour, we’re spotlighting three schools that are hosting “virtual open houses” as part of the tour. Check out their videos and then head to the Tour’s website to get in on the rest of this week’s virtual experience, including three virtual sessions on Thursday (10/1) covering solar for schools.

Forest Edge Elementary (WI)

This newly built elementary school in Fitchburg, WI will be the state’s first net-zero school, offsetting 100% of onsite energy needs. Welcome to the future of school buildings…

Santa Fe Public Schools (NM)

After looking at the district’s utility bills, SFPS realized they could save $350,000 a year by going solar. They’ve also integrated solar into the classroom, observing real-time data and learning about one of the key technologies—and industries—of the future.

Hopewell-Loudon Schools (OH)

Another success story featuring—you guessed it—solar saving a district a bunch of money. This virtual tour gives an interesting look into the interactive solar monitoring that’s providing hands-on STEM learning and takes you up on the roof to look at the rooftop system.

If that doesn’t get you excited for a future (and an education system) powered by clean, renewable energy, we’re not sure what will. Head over to the National Solar Tour’s website and check out the hundreds of virtual open houses and the full schedule of virtual events.