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The ten best things about being an EV owner

The ten best things about being an EV owner

It’s no secret that the most effective messengers and advocates for electric cars are electric vehicle owners themselves. They drive awareness and adoption in their neighborhoods, communities, and networks. If you’re curious about making the switch to an EV, get inspired by an existing EV owner!

As we eagerly await the best week for EVs of the year—just 26 days left until National Drive Electric Week— we conducted an informal survey of EV owners to ask them their favorite part about owning and driving an EV. Check out their answers below and learn about the multitude of benefits of EV ownership.

Some of the answers may surprise you—they surprised us, too!

EVs consume about one third the energy as a similar ICE vehicle, and depending on the energy mix from the electric COOP, about half of that energy is from non-fossil fuel sources.  In the future, EVs will become even cleaner.  You can make your own power at home with solar, and reduce the fossil fuel component to zero. Of the many advantages of EV driving, that’s my favorite.

– Mark B., Clinton, TN

The joy of driving an EV is well documented but one of my favorite aspects is talking to strangers who have dozens of questions and are genuinely interested in how “this new technology” works in day to day life. I meet a lot of nice people and have fun telling them and also pulling pranks on them. Pranks such as “do you want to see the engine?” …and then opening the front trunk to reveal only another storage area!

– Roger V., Charlottesville, VA


The best thing about my EV is that it runs on the sun.  We have solar at our home so I charge up on sunny days and have the benefit of knowing that my car is powered by 100% clean energy.

– Sara R., Amherst, MA

The best thing about owning an EV is “filling up” each night for the equivalent of $1/gallon and starting each day with a “full tank”.

– Dan H., Birchwood, WI

When passing gas stations, feeling good about independence and freedom from excess profits going to oil companies and their expansions thwarting mitigation of climate change.

– George R., Boston, MA


The best thing about driving an EV is how fun it is to drive.  I bought a used 2015 Ford Focus Electric and it’s the best driving car I’ve ever owned.  I look forward to driving it every time I need to go somewhere.

– Alexis S., Falls Church, VA

When you have an electric car, the best thing is to have a charger at home, because every time when you go home, you just plug it in and every time when you leave the house, you are fully charged and it only costs a few dollars.

– Julian C., New York, NY

There are several things I enjoy about driving an EV. First, they are incredibly quiet; the only noise is from the tires on the road. Second, the acceleration is incredible. You feel like you truly have command of the vehicle and can adapt to any traffic conditions. I also enjoy the savings realized from not burning gasoline now that prices have shot up. It is also a pleasure refueling in my own garage and not having to visit a gasoline station. Finally, just knowing that I can travel without adding pollution to the air provides a deep feeling of satisfaction.

– Warren R., Mishawaka, IN


There are so many great things about owning an EV! When I looked at all the new cars on the market, the new EVs just looked cooler than the others. I can tell this is the car of the future, so why buy something that will be outdated soon? I am one of those people who always forgets how long it’s been since I’ve changed my oil. PROBLEM SOLVED. I don’t have oil. Or any other pesky maintenance issues with an EV. Plus, plugging in at home is so easy and inexpensive. Everyone is complaining about gas prices but I’m all set with inexpensive and easy fueling.

– Brooke B., Richmond, VA

In 2017, I bought my first electric vehicle after experiencing my grandparents’ Nissan LEAF who are very conscientious about their environmental impact and were my inspiration. Today, everyone in my family drives one—we are three generations old with six EVs. Both my sisters’ first cars were plug-in vehicles, and any of our childrens’ certainly will be, too.

– Leah T., New Orleans, LA

Fun to drive, supporting energy independence, saving money on maintenance, meeting new people—the list goes on and on. There are so many great reasons to make your next car an EV.

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