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Voting for clean energy—with style

Voting for clean energy—with style

One of our favorite elements of the Vote Clean Energy 2020 campaign is the art initiative, which involved us selecting and hiring three artists to create an original, visual work of art that conveyed the campaign message that Americans need to vote for a clean energy future. 

Why an art initiative during an election season? Art, as we’ve all experienced, can do things that words cannot. Art has the power to convey ideas, emotions, and messages in surprising, profound, or subtle ways; it can connect with people of many ages, backgrounds, or life stages. We’re all surrounded with plenty of headlines and talking heads, especially during an election. Our hope is that these visuals cut through the clutter—even just for a few people, for a few moments—to remind us of the power of voting to create the clean energy future we need.

So check out the work of these three fantastic artists, then share their work with someone who could use a dose of beauty or a message of hope.

Tatyana’s Children’s Book

Cover of "It's Voting Day" illustrated children's book

Upon seeing just one illustration that Tatyana submitted, the Generation180 team knew we had to make a children’s book out of Tatyana’s work. None of us had seen a children’s book instilling a culture of voting pride and celebration and addressing the importance of voting to create the future we want. Matt Turner, Generation180’s Creative Manager, wrote the story and Tatyana illustrated a wonderful sixteen-page book that communicates the joy and importance of voting to children. Download the digital version for free, or order a print copy on the Generation180 store

We’re so grateful that Tatyana was up for biting off the children’s book project with us! Check out her portfolio here.

Maria’s Mural

Clean energy now mural

Maria, from Massachusetts, painted an incredible, colorful piece that is now the backdrop for a street-side pop-up park. Her aim was “to remind people of the feeling of calm, the feeling of being at peace in nature, and the expansive power of the natural world around us. At such a time where we are bombarded by mixed messaging, it is easy to hyper-focus or lose direction. People exist in their own digital-bubbles of their own worlds. Painting this mural in the real world…is important to remind people that we are also in the world together: we can only do so much as individuals, but teaming up together and voting for our futures is what we need to succeed.”

We’re honored to have had the opportunity to partner with Maria on this project! Check out her portfolio here

Isabella’s Animation

Animals voting for clean energy with wind turbines and solar panels in background

Isabella from Savannah, GA went old-school with this GIF, taking us all the way back to elementary school civics class with her School House Rocks vibe animation. Her project emphasizes how voting can directly have an impact on your every day life (especially where your energy comes from). “I feel passionately about clean energy and being an active participant in the government to enact sustainable change for the future,” she writes. 

Download and use for your own social media post and then check out Isabella’s portfolio here!

Now get out and vote

We’re grateful to everyone who participated and helped make our first art initiative of this kind a success—to artists that submitted their proposals, to organizations that helped spread the word, and of course to the fabulous artists that partnered with us.
Now to the task at hand: make this final week before the election count! Vote (if you haven’t already), help others vote, and show your support for a crucial voting issue. This election cycle is as important they come!