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Get Help Going Solar

Assistance for your solar school

Get Help Going Solar

Understanding the unique needs of schools/districts looking to go solar, we created the solar for all schools help desk. Find resources, case studies, and tools to learn more about solar and ask us a question.

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Be a Spark for Solar at Your School

Step up and be a champion for solar at your schools. With a wealth of resources, we help you get started right in your own community.

Use our Solar Schools Campaign Toolkit as a step-by-step guide for advocating for solar at your school/district. Once you have buy-in to go solar, use our How-to Guide for the solar development process, including an introduction to solar financing for schools.

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Solar on the Rise at Nationwide Schools

National Census and Report

Solar on the Rise at Nationwide Schools

The Brighter Future report is a comprehensive study on the current state of solar schools around the country, identifying the schools that use solar power and providing insights into the challenges and opportunities communities face. Using the report data, we created an interactive map to make it easy to search for schools near you that have gone solar.

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Mapping the Solar Schools Movement

We have the most comprehensive database of solar schools in the country. Click on your state to find out how your state ranks for installed solar capacity on schools and number of solar schools. Click on the “School View” button below to find a solar school near you and learn more about that solar installation.

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The map shows the solar schools identified in our national census report through the end of 2019. Help us keep our database updated by adding your solar school.