Leading the Charge Toward a Brighter Future

Generation180 is leading a national movement of schools advancing the transition to clean energy. When school districts go solar, they can save on utility costs that can go directly back to classrooms and utilize technology to enhance STEM and vocational education. The Solar for All Schools campaign leverages the integral role K-12 schools can play in reaching students, parents, neighbors and local decision-makers to encourage clean energy action throughout the community.

Join the virtual National Solar Tour this Fall

Shine a light on solar at your school

Join the virtual National Solar Tour this Fall

Schools with onsite solar installations can showcase their leadership and educate the community by participating in a month-long solar celebration. Schools can participate by hosting a virtual open house on our website, joining our live virtual events September 28 – October 4, 2020, and celebrating National Energy Awareness Month throughout October.

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Powering a Brighter Future in Virginia

Solar on K-12 schools in VA has exploded in the last five years. Read our report on Virginia’s solar schools to find benefits, trends, success stories, and more.

Reporting on the Solar Schools movement

The Brighter Future report provides a comprehensive study and census of solar schools across the country. Learn about the reasons to go solar, challenges, national trends and rankings, and how to get started.

Find solar schools near you and join thousands of schools switching to solar across the country

Success Stories

We’re here to help

Interested in solar for your school but don’t know where to start? Find answers to technical questions, search for solar incentives in your state, and learn from schools that have gone solar. Browse FAQs or submit questions to our Help Desk team.

Resource Library

School Decision Makers: Learn how to go solar at your schools.

Powering a Brighter Future VA

Our 2020 report on the state of solar in Virginia’s K-12 schools is here.

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Brighter Future Report

The report includes a comprehensive study and census of nationwide solar schoolsas the top reasons schools are going solar and the biggest challenges schools face.

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Brighter Future Overview

This infographic shares key takeaways and statistics from the report and a summary of the first steps for schools going solar.

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How-to Guide for Schools

This 10-page guide helps schools understand what they need to know and steps they will take in order to move forward with a solar installation.

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How-to Guide for Schools Infographic

This infographic summarizes the six steps schools need to take leading up to the installation of a solar project.

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Community Members: Be a champion for solar at your schools.

Solar Schools Campaign Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to running an effective solar campaign at your local schools. Includes tips, template documents, case studies, and more.

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Solar Schools Campaign Infographic

A visual roadmap laying out the path you'll take in your campaign to advocate for solar at your schools.

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Benefits of Solar Schools Infographic

Learn about the key benefits that solar schools can provide to students, schools, communities, and the planet.

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