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G.E.T. Solar For K-12 Schools

Free Solar Assistance for Pennsylvania Schools

Nonprofits Generation180 and the Pennsylvania Solar Center are partnering together to offer Pennsylvania K-12 schools free technical assistance for going solar with no upfront costs. This collaboration will enable more schools to begin saving money on their energy bills, which is typically the second largest expense for schools after staffing, and access solar technology that can be used for career and technical education (CTE) and STEM learning. 

Through its Solar For All Schools campaign, nonprofit Generation180 offers free support and resources to help nationwide K-12 schools learn about the benefits of solar and how to take the next steps. 

The Pennsylvania Solar Center provides unbiased and trusted guidance to help all Pennsylvanians reap the benefits of solar energy. Through its G.E.T. Solar (Galvanizing our Energy Transition) program, the organization provides assistance to tax-exempt entities and businesses to go through the solar procurement process. The Pennsylvania Solar Center is now expanding its services to provide targeted solar assistance for K-12 schools. 


Fill out the form below to express your interest in getting technical assistance for going solar. Generation180 staff will follow up with you to answer questions, explain the process, and help you collect the basic information needed to enroll your school/school district in the G.E.T. Solar program. In order to enroll, schools will need to provide Generation180 with electricity bills for a recent 12-month period and access to staff who can answer questions about the facilities.  


Once a school/school district is enrolled in the G.E.T. Solar program, the Pennsylvania Solar Center will provide a free solar feasibility study to estimate solar potential, energy savings, estimated costs, and financing options. Their knowledgeable staff can help schools solicit bids (including financing options) from qualified solar developers through a Request for Proposal process and provide support to school officials to review and to select the best proposal for solar.  

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Resource Library For Going Solar

Introduction to Solar Financing

There are a wide variety of ways that schools can finance a solar project, and this resource will introduce some of the more common ones.

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How-to Guide for Schools

This 10-page guide helps schools understand what they need to know and steps they will take in order to move forward with a solar installation.

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