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Pennsylvania has one of the largest public education systems in the United States, serving more than 1.7 million students. The state can pave the way to become a clean energy leader if all K-12 schools switched to solar. Our campaign is working to ensure that all Pennsylvania schools can access the benefits of going solar, including reduced energy bills, enhanced STEM education, workforce development, and healthier communities.

Report on Pennsylvania Solar Schools

Powering a Brighter Future in Pennsylvania

Report on Pennsylvania Solar Schools

There is tremendous potential for Pennsylvania schools to go solar. While only 2% of Pennsylvania schools have gone solar, the state has shown real progress in transitioning to solar: in just two years, the amount of solar on Pennsylvania schools doubled. The study found that schools with budgets of all sizes are able to go solar without paying upfront capital costs and are benefitting from energy cost savings. Read the report to find a list of solar schools in Pennsylvania, learn about the trends, and get inspired by success stories.

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Mapping the Clean Energy Movement at Schools

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The map shows the solar schools identified in our national census report through the end of 2021. Help us keep our database updated by adding your solar school.

Leading the Charge in Pennsylvania

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Assistance for your solar school

Get Help Going Solar

Understanding the unique needs of schools/districts looking to go solar, we created the solar for all schools help desk. Find resources, case studies, and tools to learn more about solar and ask us a question.

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