Generation180 works with you to develop an Electrify Your Life@Work program to help reduce your employees’ carbon footprint and transportation costs, while promoting an innovative company culture.

Key Stats

0 %
of Americans want their job to fight climate change.
0 %
of Millennials are changing their buying habits to favor environmentally-friendly products.
0 %
of consumers consider a sustainable lifestyle important and would pay more for products with sustainable packaging.
0 %
of Americans would “definitely” or “seriously” consider an electric-only vehicle if they were to buy a vehicle today.
0 x
Employees with access to workplace charging are six times more likely than average to drive electric.

Teach Your Team the Benefits of EVs

In person or virtually, Generation180’s experts can facilitate Electrifying Your Life learning opportunities for your team, department, or entire organization.

On-site EV Ride and Drives

Let Generation180 organize onsite employee EV Ride & Drives so your team can experience fun-to-drive EVs.

Improve Retention and Morale

Generation180 can provide tools to help demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and innovation while keeping and attracting high-caliber talent.

Advise and Connect

Generation180 can help you make the connections to install EV chargers, develop a purchase incentive, transition your fleet to electric, or prioritize sustainable business policies.

Inspire New EV Advocates and Take the Pledge

Inspire your team’s existing EV owners to help drive awareness and encourage your employees and customers to sign Generation180’s national “Going Electric” Pledge.

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