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Do you want to help speed up our country’s transition to clean energy?

Generation180 ambassadors are experienced and first time clean energy advocates working to inspire and equip others to take action in their homes, communities, and workplaces. Already taking clean energy action or want to learn from others who are? Join our community and connect with like-minded individuals locally and beyond to make a bigger impact toward supporting clean energy.

Join the Community!

Join the Gen180 Ambassador community and connect with individuals locally and beyond to make a bigger impact toward supporting clean energy.

What Ambassadors Do

Connect with like-minded individuals in our online community and in-person
Join exclusive ambassador events
Share your story and help inspire others to take action
Learn how to save money through refunds and rebates

Host an Event

Ambassadors can take action, talk to others about their actions, and demonstrate their actions to their community. Your Energy Matters – and talking with others about it does too. Apply for a micro-grants ($50-$250) to host an event in your community!

Ambassador Stories

“I began going electric in 2017, I started with solar, then added a car. It benefits me and my family plus has an impact on the environment – [these actions] represent me.”
Nica Mendoza (Richmond, VA)
Now that they generate solar and drive an EV, what’s next for Chris and his family? “Currently we use a portable induction cooktop instead of our gas range as much as possible, and when it’s time to replace our gas furnace and hot water heater, we will do so with electric heat pump versions. For electricity, I love to be at net-zero.”
Chris Jewell (Arlington, VA)
In addition to driving electric, Vince and Pamela chose an electric stove when they remodeled their kitchen. Vince also invested in an electric chainsaw and grass trimmer and plans to buy an electric lawnmower next.“ My EV purchase and home upgrades happened in succession. When I bought into the realities of climate change, I tried to do as much as I could all at once,” said Vince.
Pamela Jacobson Bowhers (Virginia Beach, VA)
 “My EV was the entry drug for electrification for us. We bought a Leaf, then added an electric lawn mower, heat pump hot water heater, followed by solar panels.”
Bob Soule (Arlington, VA)

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