As Virginia transitions to a 21st-century clean energy economy, electric vehicles will play an important role in achieving many of the state’s clean energy, climate resilience, economic, and public health goals.

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Generation180’s fourth annual survey was designed to explore continued perceptions of electric vehicles and clean energy among Virginians. See the highlights and find out more inside our 2022 survey update, including new findings that indicate that Virginians are overwhelmingly in favor of clean energy and electric mobility, along with programs that will continue to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

Key Findings

0 %
of Virginians think it is important for Virginia to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and transition to clean energy
0 %
of Virginians have a positive view of electric vehicles
0 %
of Virginians are likely to consider an electric vehicle for their next car
0 %
of Virginians indicated that the potential for new jobs and economic developments in Virginia would be a factor when considering the purchase of an electric vehicle
0 %
of Virginians support Virginia offering EV incentives

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