Clean Energy Stories

People like you and me are choosing clean energy–parents, students, commuters, rural and suburban drivers from all backgrounds.

And they’re inspiring others to go electric too–in their schools and communities–so everyone can enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs, better quality of life, less pollution, gas savings, climate resilience, and more. Scroll on to hear their stories.

Hear from Real People Who Chose to Drive Electric

“I began going electric in 2017, I started with solar, then added a car. It benefits me and my family plus has an impact on the environment – [these actions] represent me.”

Nica Mendoza (Richmond, VA)

“But it was clear, we knew that our next car was going to be an electric vehicle. And I’m never going back!”

State Senator Julie Mayfield (NC)

“I am now an advocate to ensure everyone has access to clean energy, especially renters. Every deserves access to the benefits a clean, electric place to live offers.”

Andrea (Los Angeles, CA)

“It feels really great to have a home with great indoor air quality that’s comfortable year-round. And I’m proud to know we’ve taken the biggest climate action we can take — greatly reducing our household carbon emissions for the lifetime of the home by electrifying.”

Shannon (Portland, OR)

“I can’t see changing back to a gas car after having had such a great experience with our EV.”

Kate (NC)

“There is no question Paul and Claire definitely put us on the path to full electrification with the introduction to hybrid vehicles.”

Charles and Beth Huber (Westminster, MD)

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