Creative Energy

We partner with artists who turn climate topics into art that inspires and mobilizes.

Mural Art

Generation180 had the opportunity to partner with Maria Lobo to create a mural in her city. The artwork depicted a colorful image of wind turbines, surrounded by vibrant colors and bold text about clean energy. The result was a work of art that not only beautified the city, but also served as a call to action for all who saw it.

It’s Voting Day Book

“It’s Voting Day” is an engaging children’s book that encourages young readers to become active participants in creating a brighter, cleaner future for us all. With colorful illustrations from Tatyana Orlovich, the book teaches children about the importance of civic engagement and the impact that individual actions can have on the world around us.

Vote Clean Energy Campaign

Our “Vote Clean Energy” campaign featured T-shirts, signs, buttons, and social media graphics, urging voters to prioritize renewable energy sources on their ballot.