Climate Cultura

At a time when clean energy policies could be jeopardized by 2024 elections, an infusion of positive, clean energy messaging from fresh voices is needed.

Latinx communities are a key constituency that want climate action, and Latinx creatives are uniquely positioned to get people’s attention and share inspiring stories of hope. Climate Cultura puts these pieces together.

Why Latinx Creatives

Concern About Climate Change

Studies show U.S. Latinos are concerned about, and willing to act on, climate change at a much higher rate than the general public.

Important Voting Block

This demographic is a key constituency to support the future success of the Inflation Reduction Act and other essential clean energy policy.

The Climate Movement Needs Creatives Like You

Latinx messengers help their community understand the value of clean energy and apply their power to influence decisions that support a healthier future for all.

What is Climate Cultura?

A new program from Generation180 that trains a cadre of Latinx creatives as clean energy ambassadors to create fresh content, share local success stories, and inspire action. A key element of the program is its Get Out The Vote campaign (GOTV).

Climate Cultura is a paid, one-month program for Latin American filmmakers, writers, influencers, comedians, graphic designers, and artists from every walk of life currently living in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

The project is led by Generation180’s comedian-in-residence, Esteban Gast, a son of Colombian immigrants, who was raised in Puerto Rico and is both an award-winning stand-up comic and experienced educator.

What We Do

Hold In-Person Trainings

Climate Cultura will hold local in-person trainings in key states in English and Spanish about clean energy topics.

Support Creatives

Members will create compelling content to share with their digital audience. 

 Create Partnerships

We partner with local organizations, advocates, and activists highlighting the work that is being done locally, offering a sounding board to the creatives, and building long-term, community-led, organizing relationships both on and off the screen.

Learn More

Make Your Vote Count

The first step to fighting climate change is electing leaders who will take action.

Is Your State a Latino Power State?

Learn more about research on Latinos in key states and the issues they care about.